The Museum

ONECommunity exhibits and programming are focused on sustainability of our community, architecture, and the environment. Themes include History, Nature, Culture, & Social Justice. Multi-generational interaction is encouraged in our fully restored buildings and gardens.

The Micro-Farm

The Farm @ OCM grows and sells local flowers & microgreens and offers educational opportunities and funding for the ONECommunity Museum. We encourage people to buy local whenever possible to enjoy fresh and quality products, strengthen the local economy and protect the environment.

The Vision






The Values

For the vision to be successful and the museum to be a true asset to the community, it will rely on active and engaged representatives from all wards and various organizations in Evanston. Equity, empowerment, and engagement will result from intentional steps to co-create experiences from the initial stages with the goal to create a space that is safe and welcoming for all.

Outstanding Building Proposal:

On February 28, 2020, ONECommunity Museum (“OCM”) submitted a proposal to operate The Harley Clarke Historic House & Gardens, A ONECommunity Museum. The vision of the ONECommunity Museum is to expand upon the mainstream conversation of environmental sustainability to include and explore the concept of sustaining people and fostering community through programming and exhibits, with a core mission of:

Locally developing global citizens through sustainability education

The mission of OCM is to improve the community in the areas of wellness, education, sustainability, and health. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable. A long-term goal of OCM is to build a national network of community-based and facilitated museums, which offer public and equitable opportunities for experiential learning and relevant discourse in historically preserved properties.
OCM is a “Sustainability Museum,” with themes to include history, nature, culture, and social justice.
This museum is specifically designed to meet the current and future needs of the Evanston community. Outward facing, the collection, exhibitions and content will attract visitors into Evanston, while inward facing, the programming will strive to meet community needs.

Free for everyone, ONECommunity Museum invites those from all backgrounds to explore, create, and share their ideas.


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