Our flowers are sourced directly from our Micro-Farm in Norfolk, Virginia unless otherwise highlighted. There are times where we supplement our flowers with other Virginia and American grown flowers direct from farm or from a floral wholesaler.

| 40th Anniversary Sunset. August 2021. (Market Bouquet) |

"Local flowers represent the most beautiful intersection point between self, community and nature." Allison Lavigne, Founder.

We individually design beautiful and unique floral arrangements, gifts and gift baskets in Norfolk, Virginia. Floral arrangements are designed with seasonal blooms at the time of delivery and no two designs are the same. 

The arrangements are hand-tied or come in glass, metal or ceramic, containers.  Many containers are donations we receive from clients and containers can be returned. You may also bring your own vase to design into!  The minis are so lovely and come in eco-friendly reused jars.

Pick up is available in Norfolk at the East Beach Farmer’s Market (Saturday’s) and the d’Art Center in the Neon District with 48 hours advance notice.


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