Exploring the connection between self, community, and nature.


Botanically Inspired.
Artfully Designed.
Sustainable in Nature.

ONECommunity Museum uses its collection of locally grown flowers and floral art to highlight sustainability of self, community and the natural world.  100% of proceeds go to our community initiatives.

Behind the Name

The first museum concept dedicated to sustainability.


The ONECommunity mission is to improve the community in the areas of wellness, education, sustainability, and health. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

Our long-term goal is to build a national network of community museums focused on sustainability of self, community, and planet, which offer public and equitable opportunities for experiential learning and relevant discourse in historically preserved properties.

Our community is a group of individuals that care about people, health and wellness, and our environment. Join us to be the first to know about what is new in the cutting garden and shelf. You will also learn about opportunities to volunteer and collaborate on our community initiatives.

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